Custom SISCAPA Reagents

We provide complete services to develop and characterize SISCAPA assays to your protein targets, including development of peptide-specific antibodies, labeled peptides and MS detection parameters. 

We can also recommend automation solutions and provide software protocols to implement the SISCAPA workflow on Beckman Biomek NXP and Agilent Bravo robots.

SISCAPA assays can be developed more quickly than typical ELISA immunoassays (since they require only a single specific antibody), and provide absolute target specificity (because of the specificity of MS detection).


SISCAPA assay development process

      The service includes:

  • Selection of signature proteotypic peptides using proprietary algorithms and our decade of experience
  • Generation, selection and validation of very high affinity mouse or rabbit monoclonal anti-peptide antibodies  
  • Preparation of stable isotope labeled internal standard peptides 
  • Assay development and optimization in desired sample matrix, including characterization of assay performance using forward and reverse standard curves to determine lower limits of quantitation and detection (LLOQ and LLOD)
  • SISCAPA technology license for use in the assay

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