two target-specific components determine what protein is measured

  • a specific anti-peptide antibody that captures the peptide to be measured (typically monoclonal)
  • a stable isotope labeled version of that peptide to serve as an internal standard (SIS)

Because SISCAPA assays do not interact with one another, these assays can be freely assembled in panels for various applications. 

Catalog SISCAPA Reagents

SISCAPA assay reagents, including high-affinity rabbit and mouse monoclonal anti-peptide antibodies, unlabeled and stable isotope labeled (SIS) peptides are available for a range of popular protein biomarkers. 


These research-use-only reagents have been optimized for use with blood samples including plasma, serum, dried blood spots and whole blood. For use in other matrices such as cerebro-spinal fluid or urine,  contact us for sample preparation support.


SAT has developed improved magnet plates for use in magnetic bead-based SISCAPA protocols




# MP001 Magnetic plate for Sample Preparation




# MP002 Magnetic plate for Autosampler